Tool Maintenance

Tool Maintenance

Repair and maintenance of tools and dies represent a major cost factor in the manufacture of parts. Optical measuring systems from GOM can be used to quickly locate and repair a broken die, or to proactively check for die wear and extend tool life.

Data Backup for Broken Dies

Fast digitizing of an approved tool ensures that any manual changes made during tool try-out can be archived reliably. ATOS STL polygon meshes serve as the perfect database for updating CAD data to the latest status via reverse engineering. More importantly, ATOS 3D digitizing data also supports direct copy milling to replace broken tools.

Wear Control

The ATOS digitizer is used to monitor wear on active surfaces without removing the tool from the press. Full die surface inspection against CAD or master data during short maintenance periods makes it easier to estimate tool durability and service life. Pro-active wear control results in improved maintenance and repair planning, thus preventing production of scrap parts.

Press-Machine Analysis

The GOM ARAMIS online motion measurement system supports dynamic 3D analysis of stamping machines during operation. Measuring bolster bending and deflection, velocities and accelerations, etc., helps to detect and prevent unfavorable oscillation. Dynamic analysis of the press process enables forming machine parameters to be optimized and thus ultimately reduces maintenance and service costs.

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Dynamic 3D analysis of machine tools analyzes machine capability and extends tool life.

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