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We are committed to become the best quality in the machinery industry in China professional service providers


Precision machinery importing

Pro-Technic Machinery Ltd. is a reputable machinery dealers in Hong Kong and the Mainland, importing various precision machinery from all over the world and providing high standard pre-sales and after-sales service for 40 years since 1977. Besides importing high precision machine from all over the world, Pro-Technic also represents specialized products, software and system such as Automatic Grinding Centre, 9 axles Automatic Polishing Center and PTMES (Manufacturing Execution System) under the brand name “ FAST CELL” Furthermore, Pro-Technic act as a system integrator.

Automation Engineering

At the early stage, Pro-Technic started business from the small and medium size machinery in Japan and Germany. Follow the rapid development of the industry, the requirement for product quality and accuracy becomes critical. Also, machinery category switched from conventional type to computer numerical control (CNC). Furthermore, machinery development tends to focus on high-tech and high speed. To cope with this trend, Pro-Technic imports various type of advanced machinery such as high speed high precision machining center and automation equipment.

  • To provide efficient quality services and innovative production technology to customers
  • In order to promote the “4.0” and contributed to the development of “made in China 2025”
  • In order to promote the “4.0” and contributed to the development of “made in China 2025”
  • To professional and technical personnel, to continue and strengthen service ability of rapid response
  • To give back to society, to assist industrial development in China

To suit with market need and provide total solution to customer, Advanced Technology Department (ATD) was formed in 1990. ATD aims at providing more advanced machinery – 3D Metrology System, Precision Measuring instrument, 3D Printing System, SMT Electronic Equipment and 3D Laser Welding machine etc., and also provide the relevant professional training courses.
Foresee the labor shortage, the increase of labor cost and the high demands on product accuracy; Pro-Technic established the Automation Department in 2008 to provide customers integrated solution of high precision machine with equipment and software. It perfectly match with growing concern for Industries 4.0

In 1987, Pro-Technic formed the China Trade Department for developing the market in China. Now we have 20 branch offices and four Solution Centers all over China. As technology keep on improving and developing, machine reliability and maintenance are quite important. To ensure the service quality, Pro-Technic employs service engineer through serious selection and provide regular on the job and overseas training. Customer Service Department including Hong Kong and China staff comprises of more than 180 experienced engineers and are divided into several specialized sections. Customer Service Department aims at “Customer-Oriented, Efficient with Effective” provide professional advice and technological support to customers. To ensure the company overall service quality match with international standard, Pro-Technic got ISO certificate in 1998 and adopted SAP as ERP system in 2009 to further increase the operational efficiency and service quality.

Pro-Technic actively providing high precision machines and advanced technology including our own developed machines and MES to the industry. Every year, Pro-Technic participates over 10 public exhibitions, hold private show and technical week in Solution Centres; organize seminar together with professional association to introduce latest technology and machinery to their members in order to keep pace with their business development; holds overseas study mission and technical forum regularly. Those help to provide communication platform between manufacturer and customer so that manufacturer knows more about customers’ concern and enhance confidence in products. Through technical magazine, newspaper and Pro-Technic bimonthly news, latest machinery and technological information are conveyed to customers.

Pro- Technic vision “To become the best service provider of machinery industry in China”, Pro-Technic will continuously bring in various types of advanced machinery and production technology to support and leading the industry development.