Episode 1 GOM Inspect – Graphical User Interface Episode 2 Import of Point Clouds Episode 3 3D Mesh Processing Episode 4 Parametric Inspection Episode 5 Section Detection Episode 6 Alignment Episode 7 Tolerance & RPS Size Episode 8 Basic Parttern Detection – Varies Cross Sections  Episode 9 Basic Parttern Detection – Two-Dimensional Section Episode 10 GD&T Analysis

GOM Inspect Teaching Video

Episode 1  Offline Teaching and Inspection Planning Episode 2 Digital-to- Physical Synchronization Episode 3 Full Automated Measurement Episode 4  Automatic Evaluation and Reporting Episode 5 Door Assembly Measuring

Automatic Measurement

ATOS Scanbox 8 Series Demonstration Blade Industry Application – ATOS ScanBox with VMR (Virtual Measuring Room) Auto Detection of The Entire Automatic Scanning and Detection

ATOS Scanbox_Application

风力发电机紧急制动时的变形测试 风力发电机起动时的变形测试 PONTOS测量汽车碰撞过程 汽车车窗升降测试 汽车侧面碰撞测试 手机跌落测试

Pontos Application