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ATOS Compact Scan – Portable 3D Scanner

With the ATOS Compact Scan, GOM presents a portable 3D scanner for full-field measurement and inspection. This lightweight and compact overall solution opens up complete new application areas and offers the user various possibilities for 3D digitizing and analyses of parts, tools and systems. Even in cramped spaces or interiors, the compact solution of the ATOS series allows fast and precise measuring of surface geometries.

Variable Use on Site
Companies must inspect tools, systems and components even during ongoing production, so as to introduce corrections as quickly as possible. Therefore, with the ATOS Compact Scan, GOM provides a portable measuring system, which can be used immediately during the manufacturing process.

ATOS sensors have proven in practice to be successful due to their flexibility and precision. Instead of removing the component from the running process and transporting it to the measuring room, the compact solution of the ATOS series is used directly on the production line or on the measuring object. This way, errors which would otherwise only show up in the final product can be identified directly at the site where they occur. This also avoids a lengthy search for the source of the error.

Scalable Measuring Areas
In contrast to other measuring methods, the technology of the ATOS Compact Scan can be optimally used for all measuring tasks and for all object sizes. Whether a high level of detail resolution, highest accuracy or fast scanning of large measuring areas: The scalable measuring area of the 3D scanner allows perfect adjustment to each measuring task. With only one sensor head, each required precision, detail resolution and velocity is possible.

To capture also large objects of several meters in optimal workflows, the ATOS Compact Scann can be easily combined with digital photogrammetry of GOM’s optical 3D coordinate measuring machine TRITOP.

Scan & Probe
When digitizing deep pockets, bore holes or areas that cannot be accessed optically, all conventional devices reach their limits. The ATOS Compact Scan combines high-resolution scanning with the hand-operated, wireless measurement via optically tracked touch probe. Using the ATOS Compact Scan, practically all components can be digitized and analyzed within the shortest of times.

GOM Touch Probe
The GOM Touch Probe combines full-field ATOS measurements with tactile 3D measurements of individual measuring points. That enables the selective measurement of areas that are difficult to access optically, the measurement of regular geometries and their direct comparison with CAD data.

ATOS Technology
The ATOS sensor technology has been continuously developed and refined by GOM since its introduction in 1995. Due to their proven measuring technology, the ATOS systems from GOM have established themselves as the preferred measuring system in virtually all industries. In addition to the innovative hardware, all ATOS systems include integrated, high-performance software for all scan and inspection tasks.

Blue Light Technology
The GOM projection technology works with narrow-band blue light, which means that interfering ambient light during image acquisition can be filtered out. The light sources are so powerful that short measuring times can be achieved even on uncooperative surfaces.

Live tracking
The online measurement is used for the selective alignment and positioning of components to the CAD. For example, components can be aligned in their nominal position in such a way that online positioning is possible within the assembly.

GOM Adapter
The GOM adapters provide expanded possibilities for live measurement such as component alignment or the measurement of regular geometries and edges.

Self-monitoring system
The ATOS Compact Scan is a self-monitoring system. The sensor recognizes changing ambient conditions during operation and is able to compensate these changes.

For high global accuracy and process reliability, regardless of the object size and complexity, the ATOS Compact Scan can be extended with photogrammetry.

Parametric Inspection
The ATOS Professional evaluation software provides all necessary tools for a comprehensive analysis of parts and components. Using parametric inspection, all actions and evaluation steps are completely traceable and interlinked. Thus, changes and modifications are possible at any time.

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Application Notes
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