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GOM 3 d scanning and testing services

           In the face of the industrial product appearance on the market also to also complex, function also is to too much, also to short product cycles and thus improving manufacturers face finished product precision, compact production time, rising costs.The 3 d scanning and detection can solve all the troubles for you. 

An overview of the service

We use the world’s most advanced 3 d scanners, to provide quick and accurate for different products, the complex free surface scan, further analysis and detection, and the output file, reverse engineering to provide detailed and simple assessment report and 3 d scanning services.

ATOS ScanBox
ATOS Triple Scan
ATOS Core Box
ATOS Core Box

Industry application

To cope with different sizes of finished product demand, our company offers a variety of models of 3 d scanners, suitable for various industries, such as: large castings, blades, automobiles, small to medium sized parts, consumer goods, mobile phones, toys, etc.

Complex measurement task
Image processing calculation
The appraisal report
Local coordinates
ATOS ScanBox
Leaf blade scanning and measurement

ATOS Scanning and detecting series

  • High precision 3D measurement
  • Detailed and high resolution scan
  • Fast data acquisition
  • Advanced detection function

Optical measurement variant test series

  • Strength evaluation
  • vibration analysis
  • Durability study
  • Impact test

ATOS ScanBox 3D measurement series

  • Full automatic scanning
  • Rapid measurement and comprehensive inspection
  • High accurate 3D coordinates
  • Complete measurement report

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3D printing requirements:

Automotive mouldsCastingSmall and medium partsSheet metal partsVane

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