在现代制造业中,智能协同的应用已经成为提高效率和优化流程的关键。宝力机械推出一套创新组合解决方案:ZEISS ScanBox 8系和Witte电动三明治板。两款产品性能卓越,全智能化和自动化操作,为产品质量检测带来全新的协同体验,无论是汽车制造或其他高端制造领域都非常适合应用。

创新智能协同-ZEISS ScanBox 8系与Witte电动三明治板组合应用

Biomechanics/Medical Optical 3D metrology has been established in biomechanics for dynamic analyses of implants and prostheses, but also of bones, tendons and ligaments. During strain, load and fatigue tests, the mechanical properties of biomaterials and its behavior under load are analyzed. Sporting goods manufacturers also use GOM systems to analyze new materials and to develop innovative products from the new materials. Furthermore, GOM’s 3D scanner provide full-field geometric data to inspect medical devices made of plastics, and for further processing […]

Medical Technology

Sheet Metal Forming Measuring systems from GOM are used in stamping, bending, drawing, pressing, and forming process chains to guarantee consistent quality assurance: from determining the sheet metal properties, via accelerating tool try-out and first article inspection, up to series accompanying production control and assembly analysis. For design and simulation, GOM systems provide precise material properties by determining the forming limit curve (FLC). During try-out, sheet metal parts are checked for shape and dimensional accuracy as well as for material […]

Sheet Metal Forming

Transportation GOM’s mobile optical metrology systems are used to control quality in train wagon building, reduce ship downtime during maintenance and repairs, and to improve driver comfort in utility vehicles by locating sources of unwanted vibrations. Railway Engineering Train Building Body-in-White Manufacturers of modern rail vehicles need to guarantee sustainable mobility over the entire lifetime of their railroad cars. Today’s coaches combine attractive design with technical innovation, and deliver optimal operational performance coupled with maximum reliability, availability, maintainability, safety, environmental […]


Comsumer Goods Short product cycles, cost pressure and high quality requirements force manufacturers of consumer goods to develop and produce products efficiently. Therefore, GOM systems are used for all production processes – ranging from construction and materials testing through tool and mold making, first article inspection and production up to assembly analysis and load tests. During the tool buy-off and first article inspection, full-field measuring results provide comprehensive data about geometric and dimensional accuracy of the manufactured parts. In this […]

Comsumer Goods

Power Generation/Propulsion Optical 3D scanners are suited for quality control of complex freeform surfaces. Therefore, they are used to inspect airfoils of aircraft engines, terrestrial gas & steam turbines and turbocharging systems. Many turbine blades are manufactured in casting, forging, milling and grinding processes. In quality control, GOM systems support the introduction of new products as well as the inspection and final acceptance in various production technologies. Color deviation maps as well as 2D and 3D analyses of shape, position […]

Power Generation

Aerospace GOM systems support the aerospace industry and its suppliers by providing precise part geometries and material characteristics. This data is used as input parameters for finite element simulations and flow analyses, for verification of simulations against real measurements in wind tunnels and climate chambers as well as for reverse engineering. Furthermore, optical 3D scanners are suited for quality control of complex freeform surfaces. Therefore, they are used to inspect airfoils of aircraft engines, terrestrial gas & steam turbines and […]


Automotive In the automotive industry, GOM systems are used during the entire new product development process. In product development, measuring data provide information from crash and fatigue tests, climate chambers, wind tunnels and tire test rigs about material characteristics and part behavior. The results influence the simulation and construction. In the quality control, which is becoming increasingly automated, the full-field geometry acquisition by 3D scanning provides the data basis to inspect forms and tools, castings, plastic and sheet metal parts […]